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Bvlgari Bangkok By MVRDV as Architects

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Bangkok now has a Bvlgari flagship store with a façade designed by MVRDV. Located in the IconSiam department store – one of the largest malls in Asia – the project is the second in a series of façades designed by MVRDV for the luxury brand, following a store in Kuala Lumpur that opened in 2018. The Bangkok store opened last year with a spectacular party and, now that corona measures in Thailand have been relaxed, visitors can shop again to their heart's content.

Architect Name: MVRDV
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Year: 2020
Client: Bvlgari

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Project details
Location BangkokBangkokThailand
Program Type Showroom, Shopping Mall
Year Build completed in the year 2020
Tags Showroom, Shopping Mall
Involve Companies
Architects MVRDV
Contractors Redwood Interior PTE LTD
Structural research ABT bv