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Buda Castle’s information center By Hello Wood as Designers

164468173582308.jpg Photographer: Zsuzsa Darab

164468173850438.jpg Photographer: Zsuzsa Darab

164468174166451.jpg Photographer: Zsuzsa Darab

164468174419633.jpg Photographer: Zsuzsa Darab

164468174641662.jpg Photographer: Zsuzsa Darab

164468174721735.jpg Photographer: Zsuzsa Darab

164468174843474.jpg Photographer: Zsuzsa Darab

164468174990146.jpg Photographer: Máté Lakos

164468175068493.jpg Photographer: Máté Lakos

164468176158097.jpg Photographer: Tamás Bata

16446817647384.jpg Photographer: Tamás Bata

164468176590012.jpg Photographer: Tamás Bata

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164468177426542.jpg Photographer: Tamás Bata

164468177532335.jpg Photographer: Tamás Bata

164468177644086.jpg Photographer: Tamás Bata

16446817777202.jpg Photographer: Tamás Bata

Buda Castle’s cool information centers double as selfie mirrors
What would be the way to expand a historic city quarter with contemporary buildings avoiding disharmonious results? It was the core concern of the architects when designing the new information centers in the Buda Castle District in Budapest. The recently finished Visitor Center and Infopoint kiosks are using contemporary solutions to reflect on their surroundings - figuratively and literally.

The new Visitor Center and additional Infopoints function as the new information hubs of the Castle District. The pavilions were built based on the idea of the Castle Headquarters Integrated Regional…

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Project details
Location BudapestHungary
Program Type Information Center
Year Build completed in the year 2021
Tags Information center, Infopoints
Involve Companies
Product Design and Construction Hello Wood
Design BLOKK architect studio
Photographers Zsuzsa Darab Photography

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