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SpaceInvader completes Manchester HQ for financial investment company Tosca Debt Capital By SpaceInvader Design as Interior designers

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SpaceInvader has completed a boutique, 2,000 sq ft workspace for Manchester-based Tosca Debt Capital on the 5th floor of the Helical-owned Trinity Building on the city’s John Dalton Street. Not only was this a fast turnaround scheme, commissioned in July 2020, but it was designed and delivered by the SpaceInvader and wider installation team during lockdown and semi-lockdown, proving what could still be achieved under such exacting pandemic conditions.

The client’s brand values were defined as ‘experienced, professional and knowledgeable, reliable and responsive and relationship-driven’. SpaceInvader’s approach therefore was to create an interior that would…

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Project details
Location ManchesterEnglandUnited Kingdom
Program Type Office
Year Build completed in the year 2021
Tags office, Workplace Design, office interiors
Involve Companies
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Element Brand Product
Photographers SG Photography Ltd

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