Boomerang House / Villa Moselund Foged

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Boomerang House / Villa Moselund Foged By AJG Architects as Architects

163750918956902.jpg Photographer: Frederikke Norgard

163750919280923.jpg Photographer: Frederikke Norgard

163750919367380.jpg Photographer: Frederikke Norgard

163750919782390.jpg Photographer: Frederikke Norgard

163750919914032.jpg Photographer: Frederikke Norgard

163750920326045.jpg Photographer: Frederikke Norgard

The design for this self-built villa in Aarhus, Denmark, transforms an ordinary plot of land into an extraordinary place.

In the old part of Risskov, located north of the city of Aarhus, with close proximity to the water and the forest, Boomerang House is nestled into a lush, green garden surrounded by tall hedges and mature trees.

From the beginning the site was unremarkable, but with the guidance of the architect, the project as a whole has become an exceptional place. Located 120m from the seashore, the area was originally planned as a lower…

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Project details
Location RisskovDenmark
Program Type Private House
Year Build completed in the year 2020
Tags house, Villa, Family Residence, Residential Interiors, Private House, private residential
Involve Companies
Architects AJG Architects
Photographers Frederikke Norgard
Product Spec Sheet
Element Brand Product
Interior Furniture Garde Hvalsøe
Windows Idealcombi

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