BillBoard House by markharris ARCHITECTS. PC

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BillBoard House by markharris ARCHITECTS. PC By APR as Event Organiser

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Design Abstract:  The idea of habitable space within the confines of an advertisement billboard brings to mind several notions about the rituals of habitation and the narratives between architecture, context, use, and alternative atmospheres.  The billboard installs within an existing urban context, yet is seen as a secluded and solitary figure in it’s occupation of ‘found’ or ‘discarded’ spaces typically unconsidered.  By its own nature, the billboard is less a ‘normal’ setting for living, and therefore gives itself much more readily to the contemplative setting of de-familiarization.  Although the billboard does not de-familiarize the spaces and events that take place…

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Program Type Apartment, Housing, Private House
Year Conceptualization in the year
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