Beaufort Maritime and Energy Research Laboratory

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Beaufort Maritime and Energy Research Laboratory By McCullough Mulvin Architects as Architects

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The project - a Maritime Energy Research and National Ocean Testing Facility - located beside the Lower Harbour in Cork, Ireland, involves a tall element housing research spaces and a lower tank hall containing testing facilities. Conceived as a stone outcrop on the edge of the water, subject to the action of wind and sea, the plan form is driven by the size and relationship of the four testing tanks, used alternately still or agitated with paddle mechanisms and profiled floorplates to simulate wave action, coastal erosion, ocean floor modelling. 

Architects/ Designers: McCullough Mulvin Architects
Location: Lower…

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Project details
Location DublinDublinIreland
Program Type Research Facility
Year Build completed in the year 2015
Involve Companies
Architects McCullough Mulvin Architects

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