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BarBer Shop IKENOUE By KamakuraStudio as Architects

002-1520681441.jpg Photographer: Keisuke Fukui

001-1520681442.jpg Photographer: Keisuke Fukui

004-1520681442.jpg Photographer: Keisuke Fukui

003-1520681442.jpg Photographer: Keisuke Fukui

006-1520681442.jpg Photographer: Keisuke Fukui

005-1520681442.jpg Photographer: Keisuke Fukui

000-1520681443.jpg Photographer: Keisuke Fukui

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This building consists of the apartment-house and barber shop in Toshima ward. A barber shop has been “Social space of regions” for a long time.

Architect: KamakuraStudio Co.,Ltd.
Lead Architects: Keisuke Fukui 
Partner: Yohei Sugiura, Intersect.Co., Ltd
Location: 2-46-8 Daisawa Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Completion Year: 2015.09
Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 207.45㎡
Photo credits:Keisuke Fukui , Intersect.Co., Ltd
Other participants: Katsuyuki Ando(DAIKO ELECTRIC CO.,LTD.)

We set up the peaked space that people can keep standing against the narrow street in front of the barber because we described the nature of…

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Project details
Location SetagayaTokyoJapan
Program Type Bar
Year Build completed in the year 2015
Involve Companies
Architects KamakuraStudio

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