Arts Centre, Nogales School

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Arts Centre, Nogales School By taller de arquitectura de bogotá as Architects

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The Arts Centre is building where arts and music are conceived as a pluralistic context; a meeting place, a destination and especially, an inspiring place.

The project underwent numerous revisions and refinements of its content and curriculum, over several years, before arriving at its final design. The resultant building has an interesting dual relationship, where the first floor is used for music and dance, and the second floor for plastic arts. The two levels (and programmatic areas) are linked by a generous open-air (covered) grand staircase-hall-gallery that articulates itself simultaneously as a meeting,…

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Project details
Location BogotáBogotaColombia
Program Type School
Year Build completed in the year 2009
Tags education, schools
Involve Companies
Architects taller de arquitectura de bogotá
Photographers Rodrigo Dávila

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