Aria. DIY emergency face mask

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Aria. DIY emergency face mask By Studio Pastina as Designers

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BEST OF 2020

What is Aria?
Aria is a DIY project/guide to self-producing a protective emergency mask; the project is developedby Studio Pastina during the Covid19 outbreak with the aim of offering, as designers, alittle support for facing the emergency. An object that can be comfortable and esthetically pleasing.We believe that, using an extraneous object we are forced to wear, could be easier if theobject is comfortable and beautiful.

How does it work?
Aria is available for download and comes with a a step-by-step guide through which anybodycan build an emergency face mask. The project aims to offer a guide with…

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Project details
Program Type Product design
Year Build completed in the year 2020
Involve Companies
Designers Studio Pastina

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