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Apartment in Mumbai By Milind Pai Architects & Interior Designers as Architects

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As it is greatly said, “Design is thinking made visual”, this project is a great example of that, a blend of modernization and elegance.

A high end project for a client located in Hiranandani at Kandivali, Mumbai, and the Design incorporates a unique balance of aesthetics and refined luxury that reflects the client’s lifestyle added with sophisticated richness in furniture and innovative design which gives this project status a way beyond aesthetic.

Architect Milind Pai team specifically crafted this project as per the briefs to create a modern and luxuries look.

The Entrance lobby has two consoles with beautiful artefacts…

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Project details
Location MumbaiMaharashtraIndia
Program Type Apartment
Year Build completed in the year
Involve Companies
Architects Milind Pai Architects & Interior Designers

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