Apart-hotel Svaty Vavrinec

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Apart-hotel Svatý Vavřinec By ov – a as Architects

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The suite houses were built on the lot of a former store from the 80s. Four of the houses are located on the „meadow“ - a green roof above the shops in the parterre of the building. The space between the individual houses offers views of the far horizons of the mountain meadows. The atmosphere among these houses is intimate but neighbourly. The roof garden covers commercial spaces and garages.

The mountain town and ski resort Pec pod Sněžkou originated from the earlier original buildings in the valley, that expanded toward the surrounding hills. Slowly,…

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Project details
Location Pec pod Sn?žkouHradec Králové RegionCzechia
Program Type Office
Year Build completed in the year 2018
Tags office, Commercial
Involve Companies
Architects ov – a
Photographers BoysPlayNice
Product Spec Sheet
Element Brand Product
Bathroom utilities and fixtures Hansgrohe
Bathroom utilities and fixtures Vitra
Bathroom utilities and fixtures Kludi
Bathroom utilities and fixtures Sapho
Shower walls Huppe
Shower walls Proceram
Furniture - couches, dressers, bathroom cabinets Yokla SK
Furniture - closets, kitchen cabinets DVD Jarom??ice
Hallway flooring carpet Barkotex
Interior doors Sapeli
Tile Archtiles
Lighting Nordlux
Lighting Hormen

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