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Alila Diwa, Goa By STAPATI as Architects

06.swimming-pool-overlooking-the-paddy-fields-1531911929.jpg Photographer: Courtesy - Alila Diwa, Goa

24.central-court-and-waterdody-1531911992.jpg Photographer: Carlos Chen

02--entrance-to-the-resort-1531911998.jpg Photographer: Sujith.G.S

05--reception-lounge-1531912010.jpg Photographer: Sujith.G.S

14--courtyard-in-front-of-the-restaurant-1531912036.jpg Photographer: George Seemon

03--connecting-passage-1531912050.jpg Photographer: George Seemon

19.entry-to-spa-1531912059.jpg Photographer: Sujith.G.S Photographer: Sujith.G.S Photographer: Sujith.G.S

09--speciality-restaurant-1531912081.jpg Photographer: Carlos Chen

10--speciality-restaurant-designed-around-the-banyan-tree-1531912084.jpg Photographer: Carlos Chen

08---view-from-pool-1531912087.jpg Photographer: Carlos Chen

07--view-from-infinity-pool.-overlookin-the-paddy-fields-1531912089.jpg Photographer: Carlos Chen

15--poolside-bar-1531912175.jpg Photographer: Sujith.G.S

26.roof-end-detail-1531912189.jpg Photographer: George Seemon

25.laterite-columns-1531912197.jpg Photographer: George Seemon

Architect: STAPATI
Location: Goa, India
Design team: Tony Joseph, Mohandas.P, Anupama, Bonnie Mathew and Nikhil Mohan
Completion Year: 2010
Photographer: George Seemon, Sujith G.S and Carlos Chen
Client: Seabird Resort Pvt. Ltd


Fabulous sandy beaches, monumental churches, swaying palms on glimmering waterfronts, carnivals, flea markets, strong colonial influences and a vibrant nightlife; all that is Goa! It is a heady concoction of old world charm and cosmopolitan outlook. This context provides the ideal setting for the expression of a unique hospitality experience. One of the first impressions, while exploring the…

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Project details
Location GoaIndia
Program Type Wellness Center, Hotel, Spa
Year Build completed in the year 2010
Involve Companies
Architects STAPATI

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