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Aesop Duke of York Square By Snøhetta as Architects

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Aesop Duke of York Square Opens in London
With an intriguing fusion of futuristic and classic design, Snøhetta has completed its first permanently built project in England. The 108-square-meter retail space, dubbed Aesop Duke of York Square, is the latest addition to Aesop’s series of uniquely designed boutiques around the world.

Situated in Chelsea, London, the store’s design is inspired by the contextual relevance of the location combined with an influence of futuristic elements. The result is an interior characterized by classic architypes, a pale red color palette, and stainless-steel elements.

An existing column is used as the starting…

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Project details
Location LondonLondon, City ofUnited Kingdom
Program Type Shop, Showroom
Year Build completed in the year 2017
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