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Adult Tree Houses By Mark Odom Studio as Architects

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Mark Odom Studios subdivided this one-acre, heavily treed property in South Austin (off South Lamar)  to become four duplex lots, equaling eight individual residences along a shared drive.
Each duplex was designed around adjacent trees and desirable views, highlighting specific site amenities per unit. And while the building form and materials are similar across the project, each unit has their own unique characteristics that create individuality from building to building. Privacy and views have been carefully planned so that there’s no interruption when wanting to enjoy the interior and exterior of each home

Architecture: Mark Odom Studio

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Project details
Location AustinTexasUnited States
Program Type Private House
Year Build completed in the year
Tags house, Residential, Tree houe
Involve Companies
Architects Mark Odom Studio
Builders Acero Construction 

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