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Adgear offices By ACDF Architecture as Architects

adgear-1-1504187840.jpg Photographer: Adrien Williams

adgear-3-1504187843.jpg Photographer: Adrien Williams

adgear-2-1504187840.jpg Photographer: Adrien Williams

adgear-5-1504187843.jpg Photographer: Adrien Williams

adgear-6-1504187843.jpg Photographer: Adrien Williams

adgear-7-1504187843.jpg Photographer: Adrien Williams

adgear-9-1504187843.jpg Photographer: Adrien Williams

adgear-11-1504187843.jpg Photographer: Adrien Williams

adgear-8-1504187843.jpg Photographer: Adrien Williams

adgear-13-1504187843.jpg Photographer: Adrien Williams

adgear-floor-plans-level-2-1504187867.jpg Photographer:

adgear-floor-plans-level-3-1504187867.jpg Photographer:

adgear-10-1504187843-1517463377.jpg Photographer:

AdGear – a fast-growing digital marketing agency founded in Montreal in 2010, and now an independent branch of Samsung Electronics – commissioned ACDF Architecture to design its new headquarters located on McGill Street, in Old Montreal. AdGear is a young and innovative firm, and they wanted ACDF to provide them with a functional space for the company’s 60 employees, that would play up the contrast between their historic setting and their and innovative company culture. Originally built in 1886 as a dry goods warehouse, the property was transformed into office space in the late 1990s.

ACDF developed the space comprised…

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Project details
Location MontrealQuebecCanada
Program Type Office
Year Build completed in the year 2016
Involve Companies
Architects ACDF Architecture
Photographers Adrien Williams
Contractors Anjinnov
Engineers Stantec

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