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Aсademy DTEK By Sergey Makhno Architects as Architects

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DTEK is a Ukrainian energy giant, the largest private investor in the energy sector of the country. In 2018 the investments were at the amount of 20 billion UAH. The company employs 70 thousand employees. One of the main directions is the DTEK Academy business platform, which specializes in corporate education and training of state sector employees. For the second direction, it received the "gold" of Global CCU Award 2019 in Brazil.

Architects: Serhii Makhno, Artem Meshchankin, Oleksandr Makhno, Oleksandr Kovpak, Oleksandr Doykov, Ihor Tykhyi, Maryna Hrechko, Olha Sobchyshyna, Serhii Filonchuk, Kostiantyn Svetlykh, Viktor Zakharchenko, Polina…

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Project details
Location KyivUkraine
Program Type Office
Year Build completed in the year 2018
Tags office, Commercial
Involve Companies
Architects Sergio Mannino Studio
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Element Brand Product
Chairs With Small Tables In The Audiences Brunner GmbH
Terrace Furniture Magis spa
Chairs In The Cafeteria Midj
Cabinet Furniture Stalkon

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