A3 - Art Curator’s Rothchild Apartment in Tel Aviv

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A3 - Art Curator’s Rothchild Apartment in Tel Aviv By Raz Melamed Architect as Architects

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Architect Raz Melamed lives and works in Israel designing spaces. Melamed designed “A3” for clients in Tel Aviv who work as art curators. First, Melamed addressed his client’s need for hosting guests. Melamed placed the master bedroom close to the nursery bathroom by breaking walls and installing a glass partition. The wall opens or closes between the toilet and bathroom when needed, offering an elegant solution for guests. The public space floor continues into the service area creating continuity with the rest of the house. The entrance to the house is surrounded by a gray-beige cast resin floor, which…

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Project details
Location Tel AvivIsrael
Program Type Apartment
Year Build completed in the year
Involve Companies
Architects Raz Melamed Architect

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