A Temple for Hilma

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A Temple for Hilma By CJ STUDIO - ShiChieh Lu as Architects

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A Temple for Hilma - The Homologous Juxtaposition of Lightness and Heaviness
Hilma's staggering life and her extraordinary art paintings are two disparate unfolds of the same thing. Her unique life journey nurtures her art performance, and her paintings could not be comprehended thoroughly without regard to her living experiences. Along with her isolated life, Hilma's marvelous paintings were sadly concealed for 80 years before they were exhibited for the first time and gradually followed by more and more public attention since on. 

But is the public attention at this moment the redemption of her lifelong tragedy? To some…

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Program Type Gallery
Year Proposed in the year
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Architects CJ STUDIO - ShiChieh Lu

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