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Waffle By Antrax IT as Manufacturers

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It is the first radiator designed by Piero Lissoni for Antrax IT and the first to perform with new finishes and materials: Waffle is a unique project, ideally combining technology, energy saving and sustainability with attentive aesthetic research. The heating body, made of a 100% recyclable cast aluminum, is in fact proposed in eleven embossed powder coatings, five of which have been developed in collaboration with the designer, exclusively for this collection. Frag, Crag, Lrag, Arag and Mrag - these are the name of the inedited finishes - are conceived to evoke, even by touch, the…

Product Details
Name Waffle
Designer Piero Lissoni
Type Radiators
Manufactured In 2020
Tags Radiators, Design radiators

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