Volt Dining Chair

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Volt Dining Chair By OKHA as Designers

159739093886239.jpg Photographer: Niel Vosloo

159739096060467.jpg Photographer: Niel Vosloo

15973911065157.jpg Photographer: Niel Vosloo

VOLT dining chair has a cinnamon velvet seat atop its carbon-stained timber base structure and can be custom-made from a range of colours, fabrics and timbers.

“The design conjures a movement, an energy, the simple and bold form of the seat is a strong kinetic visual which possesses a vigour and energy hence VOLT,” says Creative director and designer Adam Court.
He adds “The base is a scaffold, a piece of primitive architecture, an intentionally basic construct that supports the contradiction of the plush seat”.

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Name Volt Dining Chair
Designer OKHA
Type Dining chairs
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