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Uni armchair By Levantin design as Manufacturers

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The Uni armchair is our joint project with the Litvinov Studio workshop. The image of the item is expressed with the spirit of simplicity and ingeniousness. The soft forms of the pillow and the padded stool look naturally comfortable. The smooth metal framework along the outline of the armchair creates the general silhouette and serves as a support when sitting down.

The outer cover is made out of technological artificial 3D net and breathable drip-dry textile without any unpleasant smells, which is mildew-proof as well. The inner cover is made out of stretch nylon, which is a light and tearproof…

Product Details
Name Uni armchair
Designer Stas Litvinov and Lvov Sergey
Type Armchairs
Manufactured In 2020
Tags Bespoke furniture, Armchair

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