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Travertine By Matyas Chochola as Manufacturers

163345477485707.jpg Photographer: Vojt?ch Veškrna

163345477746662.jpg Photographer: Vojt?ch Veškrna

163345477875875.jpg Photographer: Vojt?ch Veškrna

163345478191188.jpg Photographer: Vojt?ch Veškrna

163345478228985.jpg Photographer: Vojt?ch Veškrna

163345478337023.jpg Photographer: Vojt?ch Veškrna

Travertine reliefs are made of broken travertine tiles and polished brass in series of 6 unique pieces 120 x 90 cm. They are tribute to architectonical forms of cascade ecleticism of Carlo Scarpa mixed together with precious absolute perfection of Adolf  Loos abstract forms in wild cocktail of  buncre decorations.from WWII. style aesthetics of 8-bit PC game “Wolfenstein“.

“If we imagine the history of mankind as various layers laid on top of each other like sediments in seas of the Cretraceous Period, it might seem that some of the phenomena are lost in it forever. The exceptional objects remain in…

Product Details
Name Travertine
Designer Matyas Chochola
Type Sculpture
Manufactured In 2020
Tags Sculpture, Installation, Arts

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