The Wing Just Leaving The Dessert, Quartz and Silicones

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Photographic series: The Wing Just Leaving The Desert, Quartz and Silicones By Alena Kotzmannova as Manufacturers

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The most important quality of our memory is the subjective ability to forget, meaning to determine what is important and what is not. This regeneration of memory allows us to reorganize lived and stored experience and thus to see things anew and differently, from a different perspective. In so doing, we essentially define our own frame of reference and thus ourselves. One cause of an identity crisis may be the person’s inability to work with these prisons in a flexible manner.

Photographs are basically external storage for experience: people do not remember things because they photograph them.

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Name The Wing Just Leaving The Dessert, Quartz and Silicones
Designer Alena Kotzmannova
Type Photo Frames and Albums, Wall Decor Items
Manufactured In 2019
Tags Art Photography, Mixed-media

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