The Listone Giordano Decking

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The Listone Giordano Decking By Accsys Group as Manufacturers

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Accoya – the world leading high performance wood product – has been selected as the material of choice for the innovative decking design below.

Internationally renowned designer, Patricia Urquiola, has created an innovative, stylist decking called Accoya Biscuit Natural Genius Decking for Listone Giordano. It presents a beautiful aesthetic  and overall sleek design featuring soft shapes and organic forms – having taken inspiration from Patricia’s Mediterranean heritage. To achieve this high quality, stunning decking at home, Accoya is the material needed to portray this contemporary appearance.

Accoya is a revolutionary wood product -  It’s stable, durable and sustainable. Modified using…

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Name The Listone Giordano Decking
Designer Patricia Urquiola
Type Water systems
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