Terracotta Large Pendant Light in Top Glazed option

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Terracotta Large Pendant Light in Top Glazed option By Hand & Eye Studio as Manufacturers

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Handmade in the UK our collection of terracotta lights combines the beautiful warm hues of kiln-fired terracotta with a subtle white glaze, resulting in a design that is at home both in traditional and modern settings. The three differing shapes can be used as single items or in rows and, for a more dramatic look, they can be combined with the other members of our terracotta family in larger groups and clusters. All styles are glazed white internally for a clean light output.

The Terracotta Large has a soft, organic shaped shade and is the largest…

Product Details
Name Terracotta Large Pendant Light in Top Glazed option
Designer Tom Housden
Type Pendants
Manufactured In
Tags Pendant lighting, Decorative lighting

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