Tectra 2

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Tectra 2 By OKHA as Manufacturers

162118519570772.jpg Photographer: Niel Vosloo

162118519784693.jpg Photographer: Niel Vosloo

162118520085314.jpg Photographer: Niel Vosloo

162118520360135.jpg Photographer: Niel Vosloo

162118520768263.jpg Photographer: Niel Vosloo

162118521224566.jpg Photographer: Niel Vosloo

All designs in the TECTRA family are composed of “Tectonic” plates that interlock and merge as one organic form. The elements can be separated and drift apart as they would in nature, the design captures and conveys our ever shifting and mutating world and the natural beauty it manifests.

“TECTRA explores the concept that everything from materials and ideas, to anatomic elements, are in a perpetual state of flux and that change is the only constant.” -  Adam Court | OKHA


Product Details
Name Tectra 2
Designer OKHA
Type Coffee tables
Manufactured In 2020
Tags Table, Coffee tables

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