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Tabou stool By HI-MACS® as Manufacturers

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himacstaboustool09-1498991418.jpg Photographer: Pascal Deruyck

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The creativity of Thierry Wille, the talented Belgian designer with an international profile, brings us ‘Taboustool’ (tabouret + stool), a seat which revisits vintage style in a modern and highly innovative way, reinterpreting the ‘tabouret’, a low stool without a backrest which was very popular in 17th century France. 

In Taboustool, four flat legs, like ‘wings’, support a frame made of HI-MACS®; a plain ‘U’ shape, which streamlines the figure of the stool making it easy on the eye. The main structure is made of Hevea wood, from the rubber tree, which is among the most economical and ecological types…

Product Details
Name Tabou stool
Designer Thierry Wille
Type Stools and Poufs
Manufactured In 2015

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