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Stay Series - Stay No.1 By Lost & Found as Manufacturers

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Stay No.1 captures the shape of the male figure, giving a powerful image. The chair presents a movement and holding posture, showing a sense of stability. Thejointsand shape of the chair are thicker, similar to the muscles and bones of manfull-bow flexion, with a sense of pause and strength. The one-piece legs at the rear touch the ground forcefully from top to bottom, and the angles convey a spirit of determination. The backrest and the seat surface follow the best scale. The backrest part is wide withsharp, straight edges, which can give the body better support when leaning.…

Product Details
Name Stay No.1
Designer Lost & Found
Type Dining chairs, Stacking chairs
Manufactured In 2021
Tags Chairs, Furniture, Bespoke furniture, Wooden Furniture

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