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Stay Series - Stay No.0 By Lost & Found as Manufacturers

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Stay No.0 extracts elements from the characteristics of thefemale figure, based on the hourglass-likeposture, expresses flexible, soft and lightfeelings. The chair presents a twisting and stretching form in its shape, with delicate joints and gradually arcs, forming a smooth charmon the mainframe.The one-piece legs at the rear, with the slightly retracted and gently rolledvisual impact from lower to upper, just like the precious feminine temperament, gentle, subtle and resilient. The backrest part of the chair follows the human ergonomic design, the height and width have been repeatedly adjusted to give support gently. The seat surface takes full account of…

Product Details
Name Stay No.0
Designer Lost & Found
Type Dining chairs, Stacking chairs
Manufactured In 2021
Tags Chairs, Furniture, Bespoke furniture, Wooden Furniture

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