Soft-Cube: Modern Modular Sofa Set

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Soft-Cube: Modern Modular Sofa Set By Expand Furniture as Manufacturers

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The Soft-Cube Modern Modular Sofa Set starts as a 4-seat-sofa set and can be transformed into different shapes with the 4 existing pieces or with add-on pieces to make even larger sets. This expanding sofa, is luxurious in comfort and shape and with an elegant looking fabric choice – it is a show stopper! The Modular set comes with two corner pieces, single chair and an ottoman. Choose a shape to suit you with your 4-piece interchangeable set or add more modular pieces to expand your space and create your own sectional sofa configuration. This modern sofa set is adaptable…

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Name Soft-Cube: Modern Modular Sofa Set
Designer Expand Furniture
Type Sofas
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