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STRADIVARI By Oasis s.r.l. as Manufacturers

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The idea behind Stradivari was to create a lamp with a bold form and strong personality embodying a style reminiscent of former times. The curved metal band running parallel to the lampshade not only secures it in place but primarily allows its silhouette to resemble the bow of a violin. The name came about spontaneously and conjures up classical tradition synonymous with music and style. Embellished with artisanal hand-made crystal, each piece is evocative of typical Italian craftsmanship, particularly that of Venice. The result is a contemporary lamp which, thanks to the selection of fine materials used, is notable…

Product Details
Designer Oasis R&D Department
Type Ceiling lamps, Floor lamps, Wall lamps
Manufactured In 2019
Tags Lighting, Lighting Solution, Wall lamps, Floor lamps, Ceiling Lamp

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