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S-1500 By Snøhetta as Designers

15836482301459.jpg Photographer: © Bjornar Ovrebo

158364823074842.jpg Photographer: © Bjornar Ovrebo

158364823917083.jpg Photographer: © Bjornar Ovrebo

158364823986327.jpg Photographer: © Bjornar Ovrebo

158364825057087.jpg Photographer: © Bjornar Ovrebo

Snøhetta Presents S-1500: A Chair Made from Recycled Plastic from the North of Norway
For the past two years, Snøhetta has been working on a research project related to plastic. The aim has been to understand plastic as a material, its journey and footprint in the value chain, as well as its inherent qualities. A key ambition is to shift the public’s attitude towards used plastic, from regarding it as waste to seeing it as a valuable resource that should be employed in new ways once it has served its original purpose.

Snøhetta is now happy to present one…

Product Details
Name S-1500
Designer Snøhetta
Type Chairs
Manufactured In 2019

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