Room Divider, Partition Wall MDF

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Room Divider, Partition Wall MDF By Bruag as Manufacturers

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Room Dividers and Wall Cladding

Delicate Perforated Elements Made to your Design

Our laser technology offers creative-minded designers maximum flexibility. Bruag provides you with the opportunity of introducing extremely delicate panels for different applications. The materials are as diverse as its application: We offer you panels out of MDF, CELLON (High Pressure Laminate) or Oak Plywood. Our customers are regularly thrilled with the degree of detail in our perforations as compared to traditional production techniques such as what is produced by a CNC machine. New interpretations of historic patterns or completely new ornamentations and perforations that have never previously been…

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Name Room Divider, Partition Wall MDF
Designer Bruag AG
Type Renewable energy systems
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