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REVERB Sofa By OKHA as Manufacturers

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“REVERB is created when a sound, signal or frequency is reflected off of a surface causing numerous reflections to build up.”Adam Court – OKHA

REVERB is an evolution of the Repose sofa narrative, it continues the exploration of organic form; of fluid seating landscapes and of sculptural dialogue.

The focus and essence of the sofa is its nuanced echo of left and right forms, not a mirror image but a reverberation of one form creating a similar other, hence REVERB.

Viewed from all angles, REVERB appears as a free-flowing stream of consciousness simultaneously intuitive and…

Product Details
Name REVERB Sofa
Designer OKHA
Type Straight sofas
Manufactured In 2021
Tags Sofas, living room furniture, Living space Interiors

Name of Suppliers

OKHA Cape Town Vendor
Twentieth Los Angeles Vendor
STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN New York and Miami Vendor
Jean de Merry Chicago and Dallas Vendor
Habachy Designs + Atelier Atlanta Vendor
H&H Studio Dubai Vendor
Tollgard Design Group London Vendor
KOOKU design Warsaw and Basel Vendor
AFFLUENCY Singapore Vendor
Simetria Lithuania Vendor

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