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Principe Collection: Luxury furnishings with an international vision. Design Marco Piva for Arte Brotto By Studio Marco Piva as Architects

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The Principe collection brings an expressive new slant to the Italian design tradition, which is innovative by nature and able to encapsulate a whole universe in every object, thanks to its unique combination of materials, emotions and geometries. This is a tradition that travels down new roads, engaging with different lifestyles and cultures from near and far, while remaining consistent and recognisable, thanks to its awe-inspiring blend of form and function.

Principe comprises a broad selection of furniture and furnishing accessories for both the living and bedroom areas,…

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Name Principe
Designer Marco Piva
Type Modular sofas, Dining tables, Armchairs
Manufactured In 2022
Tags Product design, Industrial Design, Arte Brotto, Marco Piva

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Arte Brotto Manufacturers

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