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Paper Table By ARCHSTUDIO as Designers

paper-table--(1)-1515934097.jpg Photographer: JIN Wei-Qi

paper-table--(2)-1515934104.jpg Photographer: JIN Wei-Qi

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paper-table--(4)-1515934105.jpg Photographer: JIN Wei-Qi

paper-table--(5)-1515934105.jpg Photographer: JIN Wei-Qi

paper-table--(6)-1515934105.jpg Photographer: JIN Wei-Qi

paper-table--(7)-1515934110.jpg Photographer: JIN Wei-Qi

paper-table--(8)-1515934114.jpg Photographer: JIN Wei-Qi

recycled-paper-pulp-1515934350.jpg Photographer: JIN Wei-Qi

The designer has turned the waste paper pulp into solid material through solidification treatment to make its strength as plates with plasticity and has a three-dimensional curved surface. This is the original idea of this work.

The nature of paper pulp has changed correspondingly from soft, light and thin to hard, tough and thick. Then the paper takes place of the wooden table top, with a soft form outside but solid inside. Though the same of the table is soft table, the difference between its visual impression and the inner character makes it an…

Product Details
Name Paper Table
Designer Li Xiao-Ming
Type Tables
Manufactured In 2016

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