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Panthella Floor By Louis Poulsen as Manufacturers

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The designer and architect Verner Panton (1926-1998) created Panthella together with Louis Poulsen in 1971. Panton’s figurative and playful design radiates his larger than life personality. Without compromising on quality or functionality, the world-renowned Dane continued to develop new materials for the colourful and captivating spaces that he created out of his enticing designs. Panthella stands out as one of Panton’s most significant design icons with its organic shape that mirrors the softest of light. Panton intended to create a light where both the stand and the shade served as a reflector, combining it with the organic shapes…

Product Details
Name Panthella Floor
Designer Verner Panton
Type Floor lamps
Manufactured In 1971
Tags Lighting, Floor lamps, Lamps, Floor Luminaire

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