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PH5 pendant By Louis Poulsen as Manufacturers

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Poul Henningsen developed the PH 5 in 1958 in response to constant changes made to the shape and size of incandescent bulbs by bulb manufacturers, naming it after the size of the pendant’s main shade, which is 50 cm in diameter. Small red and blue shades inserted to supplement the colour in the part of the spectrum where the eye is least sensitive – the red and blue areas – thereby subduing the light in the middle yellow-green region where the eye is most sensitive. At the time, no one knew that the PH 5 would become synonymous with the…

Product Details
Name PH5 pendant
Designer Poul Henningsen
Type Pendants
Manufactured In 1958
Tags Lighting, Pendants, Pendant Light, Poul Henningsen, Pendent Luminaire

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