MurphySofa Minima - Queen in Eco Leather

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MurphySofa Minima - Queen in Eco Leather By Expand Furniture as Manufacturers

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An Eco Leather Sofa version of the popular MurphySofa Minima. Easy to clean and pet friendly. The wall bed fits a queen size mattress of your choice up to 10 inches. Same great MurphySofa with European mechanics and build quality. Easy lift and lowering in a compact design.

This MurphyBed and Eco Leather Sofa combination gives you the comfort of a real bed and a real sofa in one system. The Eco Leather is a synthetic material using no animal parts and is easy to clean and resilient for pets and spills. The MurphySofa system in this set is the…

Product Details
Name MurphySofa Minima - Queen in Eco Leather
Designer Expand Furniture
Type Sofas
Manufactured In 2019

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