Modular ceiling (Aluminium 3D Mesh)

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Modular ceiling (Aluminium 3D Mesh) By Meridian Architectural Systems Pvt. Ltd. as Manufacturers

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To achieve this vaulted modular ceiling project for the convention centre of Hyatt Regency, MERIDIAN worked closely with Serie Architects. Not only did we develop the special framing system, we also developed the special tooling curving the flat expanded metal sheets into these concave vaults.

Emphasis was given to incorporating concealed LED tracks and even sprinkler system, as mandated by law, into the specially extruded hollow sections. The sections in turn are suspended from the tall ceiling slab. The hall itself is 10,000 SFT and clients wanted the possibility of partitioning this large space into smaller areas for banquet use.…

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Name Modular ceiling (Aluminium 3D Mesh)
Designer Meridian Architectural Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Type Stairs
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