Luxurious Handcrafted Lighting at its Finest

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Atelier Anaka’s 2020 Collection By Atelier Anaka as Architects

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Montreal-based Atelier Anaka is pleased to present their 2020 collection of bespoke lighting. Each piece is assembled by hand in their Montreal atelier. The glass pieces are mouth-blown and hand-cut in Quebec’s Eastern townships by master craftspeople.

Atelier Anaka’s 2020 collection is crafted from materials that are designed to bring out the inherent beauty found in the natural textures of glass, stone and metals. Industrial solid brass components lend a sculptural feel to the modern design of each fixture and compliment the delicate surfaces of the glass. The new collection introduces hues of Rose, Peony and Olive which blend perfectly…

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Name Luxurious Handcrafted Lighting at its Finest
Designer Atelier Anaka
Type Indoor lighting
Manufactured In 2020

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2020 collection of Atelier Anaka
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