Lean Timber and Glass side table

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Lean Timber and Glass side table By OKHA as Architects

159800570993996.jpg Photographer: Niel Vosloo

159800571570623.jpg Photographer: Niel Vosloo

159800572176374.jpg Photographer: Niel Vosloo

159800572716377.jpg Photographer: Niel Vosloo

The LEAN side table is a simple interlocking construction of three elements.
The two vertical and diametrically opposing elements of the timber base slot into one another, each supporting the other; each unable to stand without the other. The circular top, which can be of glass, stone, brass, is a flat disc that sits in a recess provided by the timber base.

The beauty of the table lies in its simplicity, in the reliance and relationship of one form upon another to create the whole. It is an assembly of simple elements, a visual haiku, the fewest…

Product Details
Name Lean Timber and Glass side table
Designer OKHA
Type Side tables
Manufactured In 2019

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