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Lampe de Marseille By Nemo Lighting as Manufacturers

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Designed by Le Corbusier for the Unité d’Habitation of Marseille in 1949/1952, it is an adjustable wall lamp with two joints on the arm and a rotating wall fixing. Also available in the MINI version with reduced dimensions.

Spun aluminium diffuser. Available with matt grey, whitewash or black body, with white internal diffusers. Direct and indirect lighting output. Double switch on the cable, for a functional and adjustable light output.

Source - E27 Ø11cm (down)+A60 (up)
Total power - 2x70W
Emission - double, direct + indirect
Switching - double switch on cable
Tension -…

Product Details
Name Lampe de Marseille
Designer Le Corbusier
Type Wall lamps
Manufactured In 1952
Tags Lighting, Lighting Solution, Indoor Lighting, Wall lamps

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