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Lampe Gras N°303 By DCW éditions as Manufacturers

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La Lampe Gras is the first articulated lamp in the history of lighting. Invented specifically by Bernard- Albin Gras, a French inventor / ingeneer, as a light for working by, nowadays it fits seamlessly into any domestic environment. The Lampe Gras N°303 is an atypical wall lamp in the range, designed in the 1920’s. With its double elbow, it is highly graphic and at the same time very versatile and practical. “Form follows function”, that is the credo of this collection, and the Lampe Gras N°303 is one of the best proof of how a simple and yet ingenious idea…

Product Details
Name Lampe Gras N°303
Designer Bernard-Albin GRAS
Type Wall lamps
Manufactured In
Tags Lighting, Lighting Solution, Wall lamps, Lamps

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