LGH0100 BEE pendant lamps

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LGH0100 BEE pendant lamps By Gie El as Manufacturers

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The BEE pendant lamp is a classic and flagship product of the Gie El brand. Glass BEE lampshade with a timeless, elegant and subtle form. Slightly convex and rounded, deep honey, smooth. The lamp is extremely natural, delicate and airy. Simple, almost fleeting in reception. Beauty. Lamp, which is characteristic of the Gie El brand, created by a man. Designed by the architects and founders of the brand, a married couple, Maria and Jacek Rypuła. It was them who, in cooperation with Polish metallurgical masters, created this unique product.


Product Details
Name LGH0100 BEE pendant lamps
Designer Gie El
Type Pendants
Manufactured In
Tags Pendants, Lamps, Pendant lamp

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