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LAX writing desk By [more] Bernhard Mueller GmbH as Manufacturers

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Actually, our writing desk is a question, dressed in the garment of a radical, beautifully reduced object: when was the last time that you sat down to write a letter?

TABLETOP: Made from glued and laminated solid wood, top thickness: 3 cm, brass inlay.
FRAME: Steel frame brushed, tobacco-brown.
OPTIONS: Available in different wood types. Surfaces oiled and waxed or matt varnished.

German Language

LAX Sekretär 
Eigentlich ist unser Sekretär ist eine Frage, gekleidet in das Gewand eines radikal reduzierten wunderschönen Möbels: Wann hast du dich zuletzt hingesetzt und einen Brief geschrieben?

Product Details
Name LAX writing desk
Designer Gil Coste
Type Computer desks, Residential desks
Manufactured In 2016
Tags Furniture, Wooden Furniture, Desks, Writing desk

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