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LAB Collection By Wetstyle as Manufacturers

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Designed to exceed the demands and expectations of the modern bathroom, the dynamic LAB collection of soaking tubs and washbasins combines pragmatism with sensuality to rejuvenate any space. With its finely bevelled details, soft, subtle curves, and intentional inclinations, LAB redefines the standards of bathroom comfort and aesthetics.

Available in two models, the soaking tubs feature a deeper design to prevent overflow, while a 45-degree aesthetic design refinement contributes to the collection’s sleek, thinner look. The smaller LAB-1 (59.5x31.5x24) edition fits within a 60” alcove and features a backrest and spacious back ledge designed to accommodate a deck-mounted faucet. The…

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Name LAB Collection
Type Bathtubs
Manufactured In 2019

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