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Giano Keramik By Cattelan Italia spa as Manufacturers

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The Giano family of modern tables gives the dining room a contemporary and minimalistic look. A simple stylistic approach, with a touch of extravagance, makes this design table a timeless piece of furniture. The round steel base presents a precise crack which allows you to see inside the base.

Giano can be chosen in several shapes, sizes and materials. Among the available models Giano Keramik and Giano Keramik Premium stand out. These tables are enhanced by a ceramic top, produced in several shades of refined Marmi ceramic, from the darkest and most intense to the brightest and most…

Product Details
Name Giano Keramik
Designer Manzoni e Tapinassi
Type Dining tables
Manufactured In 2015
Tags Dining Table, Table, Ceramic Table

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