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Funlam : The wood cladding, brushed, quick to install By Simonin S.A.S. as Manufacturers

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In order to ensure better sustainability of the outer shell, we have designed and developed an exclusive line of window and door casings for your home. These solve all air & water sealing problems as well as enhancing your home’s exterior.

Trimmed for longevity, our cladding Funlam® and our casings give your home a stylish, air & water resistant outer skin in all extreme weather conditions.

The quality of SIMONIN timber cladding
In order to supply an aesthetic and reliable product, one of its kind, our team pays tremendous attention to each and every detail of our external…

Product Details
Name Funlam
Designer Simonin
Type Facade Cladding
Manufactured In
Tags Facade cladding, Cladding solutions

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