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Frosty Leaves By Sans Souci Lighting as Designers

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Sans Souci Unveils a Spectacular New Chandelier
Czech lighting giant Sans Souci, well-known for craftingbespoke decorative lighting fixtures, glass objects and architecture features for projects around the world, has launched a stunning new chandelier titled Frosty Leaves.

Take a stroll in the winter wonderland. Creation, designed by frost and nature itself. Ice encrusted leaves create a magical, almost celestial atmosphere in your interior. The hand-blown crystal leaves rely on the exceptional craft and artistry of master glassmakers to reveal incredible complexity. As a centerpiece, Frosty Leaves tells a fairy tale of ethereal beauty reminiscent of angel wings…

Product Details
Name Frosty Leaves
Designer Jiri Krisica
Type Pendants, Ceiling lamps
Manufactured In 2021
Tags Lighting, Lighting Solution, Chandeliers

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